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Building on the philanthropic tradition of the Sabancı family, Esas Sosyal (Esas Social) was founded in April 2015 by the founders of Esas Group to facilitate sustainable social investment. Chaired by Emine Sabancı Kamışlı, Esas Sosyal is guided by a diverse expert Advisory Council and professional team with extensive experience in social investment and philanthropy.

Youth employment was selected as Esas Sosyal’s first area of social investment, which is applied through the following programs: First Chance, Research and Joint Programs/Investments. For more information please visit

The First Chance Program – the current flagship social investment-  is a uniquely designed program that supports youth in the process of transitioning from school to work, especially for new university graduates from lesser-known universities. The ultimate aim is to engage employers in applying more inclusive employment practices for new university graduates entering the workforce.

The program applies a specially designed process to recruit and select new graduates who are then hired to work for one of 22 NGOs for a 12 month period, with all costs covered by Esas Sosyal. As of 2019, 95 participants have been selected and 60 completed the program. 80% of those who completed have new job offers immediately upon completion and 92% are working in their post-program jobs within 3 months of completion.

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Community Engagement
We aim to create positive impact on lives and communities

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